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General Secretary / Tender and Purchase Committee
Job Code GS/TPC
Education University degree in Business Administration from a recognized university degree in Business Administration and a Professional Certification in Procurement.
Operational Skills
  • Develop/update the existing Annual Procurement Plan template with applying of past learning experiences (e.g. additions of fields to complete, method of completion, etc.) and forwards the new template to the Head of Purchase for approval.
  • Review the Procurement/ Tender Programs for consistency and alignment with the Annual Procurement Plan.
  • Work closely with the Requesting Department/Section to identify the optimum number of Vendors for each category.
  • Conduct research, with the help of the Requesting Department/Section, through several means (Vendor conferences, internet sourcing, word-of-mouth, and networking) to help the Head of Purchase and the Purchase Supervisor to identify and select relevant vendors to which the RFI (Request for Information) is to be sent.
  • Ensure the alignment of the criteria developed for each category of vendors with QNCC priorities (Criteria is classified as Listed, Approved, and Qualified – as per Vendor Classes).
  • Work within an Evaluation Team consisting of the Head of Purchase, the Commercial Manager, and other relevant representative to perform an assessment of Vendors based on the approved evaluation criteria.
  • Prepare a Letter of Acknowledgement for all Vendors which are approved for an upgrade to be sent for approval of the commercial Manager and Tender and Procurement Committee prior to issuing the letters to the respective vendors.
  • Act as a forum for the exchange of information with general management on all procurement related issues.
  • Obtain the most favorable terms for acquisition of goods, work and services required for QNCC’s main activities on the principles of competitiveness, transparency and team decision making.
  • Cut budget expenses and strengthen the organization’s image
  • Pass a final resolution on approval of tender results and all material terms and conditions of agreements (contracts) within its competence.
Experience About 7-9 years of related experience of which a minimum of 3 years should be in a similar position / responsibility, preferably in a similar Industry. 
Job Description

Responsible for setting the overall Tender/ Procurement policies and procedures in coordination with the Head of Purchase, General Management, and Compliance and Risk Officer to ensure that Tender/ Procurement processes do not engage QNCC in any risk. Responsible for monitoring that Purchase department commits to Minutes of Meetings of Tender/ Procurement Committee.  

Language Fluent in English speaking is a must. Good at communication and presentation.


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