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Production Manager
Job Code PM/PD
Education Bachelor degree in Engineering from a recognized college or university plus post-graduate training in relevant subjects associated with Production.
Strategic Skills
  • Discuss and coordinate with the General Manager in the development and implementation of QNCC’s overall strategy.
  • Formulate the strategy, annual business plans, policies and procedures of the Production Section, to support the organizational business strategy of QNCC.
  • Set performance objectives and KPIs and regularly review/monitor performance of the Production Section.   
  • Ensure maintenance of the highest standards of professional conduct, ethics and integrity in provision of the services in the Section.
  • Monitor and control Section budget and entire budget of production.
  • Design programs and activities necessary to improve production operations.
  • Discuss the Production Section’s annual budget with the Finance Section and obtain approval from the General Manager.
  • Coordinate with the Technical Manager if any extra assistance was needed on certain technical matters
Operational Skills
  • Plan, coordinate and control the impact of Production.
  • Review production reports and investigate with Head of Production on any problem.
  • Look into reports on defected items and set production plans to help reduce quantity of such.
  • Prepare all pre-production plans that Production Engineers will need to follow ahead of starting any production cycle.
  • Ensure all production cycles are initiated and finish on time.
  • Prepare reports showing the number of production cycles that are being handled in each and elaborating on efficiency of the production process.
  • Present the production plan to Head of Production and discuss it with him
  • Meet daily with Head of Production and Production Engineer to ensure that the production plan is effectively set in place.
  • Coordinate with Purchase, if any is required, on new production machinery or any related production supplies are to be purchased.
  • Review, adopt and enforce safety, health and environment safety procedures.
  • Respond rapidly to emergencies, ensuring that production targets are met and that no delays are happening.
  • Direct the manufacturing and maintenance operations which ensure the most effective return on assets.
People Management
  • Allocate work to Production Section, nominate for training as per QNCC’s guidelines in accordance with the HR Section; conduct performance reviews and manage leave and overtime of staff to ensure efficiency.
  • Supervise direct reportees in their day-to-day tasks and guide them in managing their performance by providing appropriate feedback and counseling. Provide recommendations for hiring and promotions.
  • Approve regular vacation scheduling, business travel and emergency leave of Production employees i accordance with Administration & Human Resources policies & procedures.
Experience Minimum 15-20 years of experience in a high production and cement manufacturing environment with 6-8 years of supervisory/managerial experience.
Job Description

Responsible for ensuring efficient plant operations as well as representing the manufacturing process at an executive level, the production manager is involved in both: the pre-production (planning) stage as well as the production (control and supervision) stage.

Language Fluent in English speaking is a must. Good at communication and presentation.


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