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Production Department
Sl No.
Job Code
Qualification / Experience
1 Driller PD/DR Technician with 3-5 years experience in operating of various types of drills in variety of rock formation, drill blast holes in benches of quarry / sites.
2 Kiln Operator @ CCR PD/KO Diploma Technical / Chemical, with 5 years experience in kiln CCR operation. Meeting production targets, control power consumption & managing field burner.
3 Kiln Field Operator PD/KF Technician with 3-5 years experience in running kiln by assuring quality of the clinker and safe guarding the machineries and bricks during operation. Daily checking cooler & pre heater area as per the safety regulations.
4 Raw Mill Operator @ CCR PD/RW Diploma in Technician / Chemical with 5 years experience in Raw mill operation, efficiently to achieve optimum production by maintaining required quality level and safety standards.
5 Raw Mill Field Operator PD/RM Technician with 3-5 years experience. Responsible for the smooth running of the Raw mill, daily checking the roller position, hydraulic oil tank level, weigh feeder conditions, belt conveyors with de-dusting.
6 Poker PD/POK Technician with 3-5 years experience in poking holes at specified points in cyclones, keeping preheated cyclone vessels working efficiently without jamming, air lance the cyclone necks, etc.


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